React Native and VueJS

react vs vue javascript frameworks

React and Vue are JavaScript frameworks. A Javascript framework is a library that provides us with pre-built templates and pre-written JavaScript code that will facilitate the development of our application.

Two of the best known and most widely used are ReactJS and VueJs. Both are open source, component-based and are intended for making single-page applications. But what are their main differences?


ReactJS was created by Jordan Walke, a software engineer working for Facebook and was released in 2013. In React, there’s solely JSX files, the same part of the code is responsible for creating a UI element and dictating its behavior. React UIs are rendered by components that work as functions and respond to changing data. So, the internal architecture consists of the constant interaction between the state of the components and the users’ actions. React is used in companies such as Facebook itself, Instagram, Airbnb or Netflix.


VueJS was developed by ex-Google employee Evan you in 2014. Vue uses HTML templates, with declarative rendering but there’s an option to write in JSX. Vue’s focus on the ViewModel approach of the MVVM pattern works well for larger applications. It uses two-way data binding to connect the View and Model. The primary goal of Vue is to provide a simple, flexible view. Some of well-known companies using Vue are Gitlab, Alibaba, Nintendo or Euronews.

Currently, React is clearly the most popular and widely used framework in recent years as the graph of npm package installations shows. But the adoption and popularity of Vue is increasing every year, making it the second most used framework.

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Fuente: npmtrends.com

Which one should you choose? 

It is a very personal choice, but we will give you some tips depending on what you need.

React is better if you want to:

  • Have a wide variety of flexible libraries, tools, and ecosystems.
  • Easy to use it with TypeScript, Flow, ReasonML, BuckleScript.
  • Develop a highly scalable application with easy testing and debugging.
  • Quickly create a complex application.
  • Create a high performing video streaming or multimedia website.

Choose Vue if you want:

  • Create a progressive web application or SPA.
  • Start developing immediately.
  • Get access to more core tools and basic support.
  • Extend the functionality of an existing application.

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