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How can I digitise my business for free?

If you are self-employed or a small business you have already heard about the Digital Kit. This aid programme aims to subsidise the implementation of digital solutions so that small businesses can reach a good level of digital maturity.
Let us tell you how to take advantage of these digitalisation grants to make your business more competitive.
The amount of the aid depends on the size of the company:

  • Since 15 March, companies with between 10 and 49 employees can already apply for this aid. For them, the economic amount available is up to 12,000 euros.
  • Next in line to benefit from this subsidy will be companies with between 3 and 9 employees. Their deadline will open in June and the amount available for them is up to 6,000 euros.
  • The last ones will be micro-enterprises with less than 3 workers and the self-employed. Their deadline will begin in October and they will be able to obtain 2,000 for their digitalisation.


What can you do with the amount?

The amount must be used for digitalisation solutions for your business. These are the services for which companies with 10 to 49 employees are eligible for 12 months of service provision:

  • Website and Internet Presence
    Grants: 2.000 €.
  • E-commerce
    Grants: €2,000
  • Social Media Management
    Grants: €2,500
  • Customer Management
    Grant: 4.000 € (includes 3 users)
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
    Grant: 4.000 € (includes 3 users)
  • Process Management
    Grant: 6.000 € (includes 10 users)
  • Electronic Invoicing
    Grants: 1.000 € (includes 3 users)
  • Virtual Office service and tools
    Grants: 250 € per user (up to 48 users)
  • Secure Communications
    Grants: 125 € per user (up to 48 users)
  • Cybersecurity
    Grants: 125 € per device (up to 48 devices)


FAVIT is dedicated to the creation of digital solutions and we are associated to this call financed by the Next Generation EU funds. Therefore, we can help you apply for the aid and make your company reach the audience you want, improve internal processes, and management, and, ultimately, make it competitive in an increasingly digital world.

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