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Don’t be fooled: Here’s what you can expect from the Digital Kit

The digitisation of businesses is essential. And thanks to the Digital Kit subsidies it will be a reality for many of them. But many others are not even applying for the bonus either because they have not found out about it or because they are encountering contradictory information or information that does not convince them: advance payments, charges for applying for the aid, exorbitant budgets and a long list of elements that end up causing companies to backtrack.

The main objective of this aid is to help. To help small companies and freelancers to be more competitive in the professional world, to be able to reach more clients, to expand and to adapt to the characteristics that technology currently demands of them.

That is why, as professionals in the sector and digitalising agents, we want to clarify some concepts that we have detected that cause uncertainty to clients who come to us asking about the Digital Kit. In this way, we want you to clear up any doubts and take advantage of this European funding programme for your business benefit. These are some of the key points:

  1. Applying for the aid is free of charge. As digital agents, we can make the application for you, saving you paperwork and headaches. And yes: We do it completely free of charge.
  2. As an SME or self-employed person you will not see the grant money directly. Your digitalisation agent, that is, the company that will offer you their services, will receive the voucher with the amount that corresponds to the services you have agreed to receive. This brings us to point number 3:
  3. You do not have to advance any payment. Since it is the company itself who receives the money once the grant is approved. And you will not start working until that happens. Unless both parties agree on some kind of service in advance. In this or any other case, our advice is that everything should be detailed in writing to avoid future problems.
  4. Be careful with budgets. If you are an SME or a freelancer, your company will hardly need a 10,000 euro website. Your business may need something that is not fully covered by the voucher, of course, but compare quotes and ask for everything you need to make sure that what you are offered is sincere.
  5. The application period for companies with less than 10 employees and freelancers has not yet started. The process will open in June and October, respectively. We can analyse needs, carry out the diagnostic test, advance the paperwork… But you cannot apply yet. Therefore, if you still do not know if you are a beneficiary of the programme and we have already told you in point 3 that you do not have to advance payments… Do not let them tell you otherwise.

While it is true that every company seeks its own benefit, at FAVIT we understand that ethics and empathy are essential to build professional and human relationships. That is why you will always find us here to lend you a hand, support you and boost your business by taking it to the next level: the digital world.

Do you want to know more? Do you want to apply for this aid? Don’t let them fool you!

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