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Digitise your business with the Digital Kit grants

Digital Kit interests you if you are a small company or self-employed and want to grow your business. Under this name, a series of digital transformation grants have been launched so that small businesses and self-employed workers can achieve a breakthrough in their level of digital maturity.

What is the Digital Kit?

Although digitalisation is necessary for many entrepreneurs and small businesses, it is not feasible for everyone. Until now. The Digital Kit is a Spanish initiative financed with Next Generation EU funds within the Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan, which promotes the digitalisation of self-employed and small companies of any sector and type of business so that they can improve the quality of their business, save time and costs and reach more customers.

The Digital Kit offers an economic amount to pay for a wide range of digital services offered by the digitising agents.

Who are the digitising agents?

We are! At FAVIT we are digitising agents. And that means that we offer those services that can help you to boost your business and fulfil your dream. We will accompany you in your digital transformation process so that your company or project moves in the right direction. How can we help you? These are the services we offer:

  • Website and SEO. Having a good website that is accessible, creative, fast, and tailored to our business, as well as an SEO strategy is essential for Google to show you and increase your visibility.
  • E-commerce. Transform your business and sell online with the latest and best technology. We create your e-commerce so you can take control of your sales and your products. Thanks to electronic invoices, stock management or SEO optimisation we will save you time, costs and improve the performance of your business.
  • Social media. Social networks are currently one of the best showcases to make yourself known and enhance your brand image. Reaching more people and humanising your business is possible with a content and advertising strategy on social networks.
  • Secure communications. Security is essential on the Internet so that customers trust and your company is not compromised at any time. We ensure that your communications are secure with services such as network optimisation, distributed system integration via VPN, point-to-point connections, encrypted communications, and secure storage.
  • Cybersecurity. Cybersecurity attacks can occur at the individual and professional levels. We are continuously connected to networks and must be protected to prevent us from falling victim to a cyber-attack. Our credibility and assurance depend on our projects being secure. That’s why we offer personalised cybersecurity assistance to ensure that the security of your business is not a problem.

Take control and give that digital turnaround your company deserves and needs. Contact us and we will help you apply for the aid and find the best digital solutions for you.

Join the digital revolution!

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