How does the digitisation of your business help your profitability?

Digitalisation is a key process in any business. Not only because «if you’re not on the Internet, you don’t exist», as Bill Gates said and which perfectly defines how we currently interact and how customers interact with companies; but also because of the impact that process automation has on the profitability and better management of […]

Don’t be fooled: Here’s what you can expect from the Digital Kit

The digitisation of businesses is essential. And thanks to the Digital Kit subsidies it will be a reality for many of them. But many others are not even applying for the bonus either because they have not found out about it or because they are encountering contradictory information or information that does not convince them: […]

How can I digitise my business for free?

If you are self-employed or a small business you have already heard about the Digital Kit. This aid programme aims to subsidise the implementation of digital solutions so that small businesses can reach a good level of digital maturity.Let us tell you how to take advantage of these digitalisation grants to make your business more […]

Digitise your business with the Digital Kit grants

Digital Kit interests you if you are a small company or self-employed and want to grow your business. Under this name, a series of digital transformation grants have been launched so that small businesses and self-employed workers can achieve a breakthrough in their level of digital maturity. What is the Digital Kit? Although digitalisation is […]

Native development VS hybrid development: Which is better?

Before making decisions on a project, be it technological or of any other type, we must analyse what our needs and aims are. Thanks to this we will be able to answer questions such as: Should I use native development or hybrid development? In this post we analyse both so that you know what is […]