Good news, you can download Findyt!

Descarga Findyt

Finally we can write the magic words: you can now download findyt on your mobile! The app is now available for both Android and iOS. This way, everyone will be able to enjoy this new tool that comes to the market with the aim of making life easier for users, helping restaurants to adapt to new needs and, of course, ensuring everyone’s safety.

But what exactly does findyt offer me and why should I download the app? It is normal that many questions arise, that’s why we have created this post. In it you will discover all the advantages you will have if you join the #befindyt movement. We hope you will enjoy using this app as much as we did developing it!

Benefits of being a user

How many times have you arrived at a restaurant and there was such a long queue that you had to leave complaining that you had gone all that way for nothing? How many times have you been disappointed because the place you were recommended didn’t have a terrace? Or how many times have you not gone to a place because you weren’t sure if there was a menu or if it was open? These are some of the situations that we have decided to leave behind with findyt. No more waiting, doubting and not knowing!

 We want you in our team! Download findyt so we can do great things together!.


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